Our polishers

We currently manufacture two different models, the SH7000 and the SH3000.


This completely automatic solution eliminates the traditional work of manual drying with a piece cloth, generally not much hygienic, reduction of manpower costs. It dries and polishes stainless steel and silver cutlery in an automatic way.

Maximum hygiene and security. It is equipped with a germicide lamp of ultraviolet rays that sterilizes the corn granulate.


The Frucosol SH-3000 is a reliable machine that has been designed for drying and polishing the cutlery after washing it, becoming these bright and removing the lime marks.
The cutlery have to be introduced into the machine by the upper inlet, in bunches in a continuous way, immediately after going out from the dishwasher.

Get a greater hygiene due to the fact that you will have impeccable cutlery with the machine, bright, dry and sterilized cutlery.

Because of its small dimensions, it is ready to work over any surface or support.