Sep 11, 2015

Dalgarno's Party Hire

This week we have received the visit from our friends Glenn and his wife, from the company Dalgarno's Party Hire Ltd. in Australia.

They confirmed how satisfied they are, as they are using every day one of our cutlery polishers SH3000, and one of our glass polishers SV1000.

As well, they are going to buy another machine as they have increased their business, and have lots of glasses to dry and polish every day!

Thanks for your visit Glenn.

Jun 12, 2015

Frucosol glass polishers over the world

Do you know what is the best friend our cutlery polishers have? yes, that is, our glass polishers, and they are also present in more than 70 countries all over the world.

One image is better than thousands of words...

(Tower Grove East)

Apr 24, 2015


Little by little, more and more restaurants are discovering the benefits of using one of our cutlery polishers.

Last week, we sent one SH3000 cutlery polisher to a nice restaurant in Norway, Vito's in Vollen.

Vito's has two Italian restaurants in Norway, one in Vollen and another one in Lierskogen. We invite you to visit their website,, or even better, if you are in Norway you should test their meals!!

Mar 13, 2015

South Australia

If you are reading this from the South of Australia, and you could be interested in one of our cutlery polishers, do not hesitate it more and contact the company Semak (

Semak is a company established in 1948, and servicing Australians for more than 60 years. They have a great experience, so you can be quiet when contacting them, as you will be in the best hands.

This week, we have sent them some units of our SH3000 and SH7000 cutlery polishers, so they will have it in stock.

Do not think it for more time, and contact them!