Nov 28, 2014

Essuyeur à couverts

This is one of the most sentence we had to say last week in Paris, in the Equip'Hotel Exhibition.

During 5 days, hundreds of visitors could check the good and impressive results of using a cutlery polisher in their bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals...

As we had our two models in our booth, the SH3000 table top and the big SH7000, we attended any type of visitors, from the small hotels of no more than 25 rooms to the big chains of hotels or restaurants like Marriot, Ritz, hotels from Disnelyland Paris, and so on.

Below you could find some pictures of the Salon. Thanks for visiting us!

Nov 13, 2014

and more and more...

We cannot stop and although we just came back from Hostelco exhibition two weeks ago, we will be present too in the Equip'Hotel Exhibition in Paris, so you have another opportunity to check our products...

Oct 30, 2014

Cutlery polishers in Hostelco

As usual, we attended last week to the Hostelco Exhibition, and once more, one of the most requested products were our cutlery polishers.

Although it is a machine that we manufacture since 1998, there is still some people who don't know yet the time they can save with these machines. However, there is a lot of people that say us the same: "It is the best machine I have ever bought".

Just this sentence helps us to go on working harder every day and try to design and manufacture new products...

Oct 10, 2014

New Videos...

And the Oscar goes to.... well, we are not nominated to win the Oscar in Hollywood, but we have to say that the new videos of Frucosol cutlery polishers are really good!!

During the last months, Frucosol's marketing department has been working hard, but the result is fantastic, and we want to share it with all the people who read this blog.

Then, although these videos are present in youtube, you will get directly there just clicking on the pictures below.

We hope you like it...