Oct 31, 2012

Cutlery polishers in Hostelco 2012

"What does this machine make? Drying and polishing the cutlery? Really?"

This was the most repeated sentence in the 5 days of Hostelco 2012 near our stand. Although you don't believe it, there are still many people that doesn't know what these machines can make... Everybody knows what a dishwasher can do, and we are sure that in a near future, everybody will know what a cutlery polisher can do in any kitchen.

One of the best proofs we can find that our machines are very reliable and useful in any kitchen is that we receive visitors in all the exhibitions we attend that say us how happy they are with the machine, and the quantity if hours and money they save with one of our machines in the kitchen.

We show you some pictures we made during the Trade Fair:

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