Apr 11, 2014

Santa Llucia Restaurant

"The Santa Llucia Restaurant has two features that make it a very special place: Mediterranean cooking and fabulous views of l'Almadrava, one of the prettiest coves of the Costa Brava"

This is how this beautiful restaurant is described in its website (www.santallucia.com).

We met them in the last Alimentaria Exhibition that took place in Barcelona, and could present them all the products we manufacture. Immediately after, they noticed that there was a machine that can help them in their every day job: our cutlery polisher SH7000.

After finishing the Exhibition, they decided to buy one of these machines, and this week we have already sent it to their restaurant. This will help them to finish their job sooner, but also to have more hygienic cutlery as these are going to be sterilized by the UV lamp our machines have.

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