Nov 13, 2015

Asciuga posate / Besteckpoliermaschinen

Last week, we finally came back from Italy after some weeks of sharing our time with a lot of friends, customers and visitors, that is to say, after Anuga Exhibition in Germany and Host Fiera in Milano.

These are two of the most important exhibitions in Europe about the food service business, and Frucosol attended both of them, first in Kohln and later in Milano.

In both sites, our cutlery polishers catched the attention of hundreds of visitors who could check themselves the huge labour these machines can do for many different customers: bars, restaurants, hotels, caterings, hospitals, and so on.

As usual, we want to share with you some images about these 2 important business points; now, it is time to send all the information requested to our visitors and make new friends and members of the Frucosol family around the world.

Anuga 2015

Host 2015

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